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The Thought of Not Paying When You Think The Price Is Outrageous

I was thinking today where I had to take cab and even before it started to drive the price meter was at $5. As you can imagine, I kind of had the thought that I was being ripped off and contemplated about not paying the full price. However, I did ended up just paying it to avoid confrontation. Would you be inclined to not pay the full price?

I think the only time I have ever seen a person not pay full price was on that TV show The Amazing Race where someone clearly knew that the taxi driver was ripping them off and so he simply gave him what he knew was a fair taxi price. In my situation though I was in a rush and didn’t really want to deal with the hassle of debating about a price.

I almost think the only option is to video document your whole trip when using services like these so that the company won’t have any choice but to charge a fair rate. Otherwise everyone would be able to see how silly the rates are.

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