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The Simple Fix At Times

Sunny drone shot

Recently my dad was telling me how his computer wouldn’t turn on and as a result this could mean that he would need to bring it in for repair or worst having to buy a brand new system, which he was prepared to do. He was describing how the computer turned on but nothing was coming on the screen. I immediately thought it was a user error and so I went to see what was wrong. As it turned out, the video mode and power button are next to each other and it seemed like the monitor was simply on a different video mode to what the cable is connected to.

He did feel a little silly afterwards. Kind of makes you think at how many other things we sometimes tend to just dispose of because we think it is broken when really it isn’t. It is usually a quick excuse to buy something new as well huh? I was trying to imagine how much money he could have potentially paid to have someone “diagnose” the problem as well. When in doubt, ask the kids first right? :mrgreen:

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