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The Need To Use A Big City Name

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This was kind of an odd situation I encountered today as there was a person that was trying to find people as he needed some help as a result of his business growing. Of course that should be a good thing. The weird thing was how it appeared that he wanted to conduct his interview in Vancouver even though his actual business was fairly far away from the city. Regardless it seemed like he was still targeting residents in that area.

When asked why he would do that he simply said that advertising with a bigger city name naturally gets him more responses. So ultimately to him it makes more sense as he felt a lot of people pre-judge a business based on the sole notion of where they are located. He then said there was nothing wrong with that as it is no different than companies who rent out large rooms in like hotels to conduct mass interviews as the bigger city areas will naturally attract more people.

A lot of people do indeed do that where this is one of those perception is reality. For example, even having a virtual office presence in a big city can help many people when it comes to image. Just kind of interesting that people use these kinds of tactics for human resource purpose too.

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