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The Different Times Justification

Recently I saw a person who mentioned that times today are so much harder than say 20-30 years ago during his parent’s time in terms of the ability to become financially independent. Factors range such as the rising price of standard living expenses and how the dollar can’t buy as much these days.

I personally hate it when people say things like that as a reason why they are in some kind of financial predicament. Sure, maybe we can’t buy like a whole whack of stuff for 10 cent like they did, but look at how we have so much more opportunity and choices available.

For example, I know for my parents if they wanted to make an income they were pretty much stuck having to do some kind work that required a physical presence as the choices weren’t as open. Nowadays, there are so many things you can do that doesn’t require you to be there all the time. Like with that things may cost more, but you can make more too which in a sense makes it the same if not better from a financial point of view.

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