The Business of Catering Marriage Infidelity

The Business of Catering Marriage Infidelity

Okay, I just had to do a double take when I saw this as I couldn’t believe what I was watching and hearing. There is a business, which is apparently based here in Canada, that runs a website called which acts as venue of sort for married people who are interested in pursuing a relationship with another person while they are still married to another.

Now apparently the site is very profitable and the founder of the site, Darren Morgenstern, along with a user of the site, so as it seems, was interviewed on a talk show about it. First of all, it was just so mind boggling in regards to the lady that was being interviewed as she attempted to justify how it is better to seek out married people such as ones on the site as they are more likely to be trustworthy compared to others. That just seems so contradicting to me. But anyways, I was more interested on how the owner of the business viewed the site’s operation as to me it just seems wrong.

It was kind of amazing to see that his attitude was basically that there is obviously a demand for something like this and so he is simply providing people a platform for it. I then did some research and read an article where he basically said that a person who wants to cheat will do so anyways and that this is just a cheaper and safer way to do it. You can watch the interview below:

In my opinion, there are a ton of things out there that people want where you can capitalize on to make money, but at the same time I think this kind of falls along the lines of social responsibility when it comes to doing business. At the same time, I personally never followed that you are just giving people what they want perspective when it comes to things like this as to me it is just pure greed and that is simply a way to try and save face I’d say.

Some say to be successful in business you have to throw away any moral values that stand in the way of making a profit. I always like to think in the bigger picture such as with this if the community became a large group of “cheaters” as a result of creating platforms like this to encourage these types of act, how can I even trust those same people to do business with in general? Why would I want to make the problem even bigger? Even in business I’d say you have to think about how you affect people overall and not just trying to benefit financially.


  • Marcie 7/20/2007

    Here in California we’re hearing radio ads featuring Dr Phil for A sound bite (which I’m assuming is from one of his shows) seems to be encouraging his guest to cut his/her marriage losses and file for divorce; then there’s some blurbage about, and Dr Phil says at the end, “It’s okay to look.”

    I thought it was interesting that is spinning itself that way now.

  • joewatch 7/22/2007

    I heard about on the radio and thought that it was a crazy idea, but obviously there is a market for it. Regarding the morality of running such a business, look at it in the context of the gambling industry or the cigarette manufacturers.

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