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The Backstory of The People You Work With

I was surprised today as I bumped into a podcast that happened to talk about a person whom I’ve worked with before. Basically it went over the struggles and tribulations she had to go through in life which ultimately brought her into the career that she is in. It was indeed surprising as my initial assumption was this was a story on how someone simply took something they were passionate about and went with it.

Would I view the person differently? Probably yes but in a positive way. In some ways it makes you wonder why we aren’t all more open to sharing our personal stories. In many ways it can be a positive thing as even in business it’s about establishing that relationship with people right? What better way to do that than for people to know the trials and tribulations that you have went through to get to where you are?

It’s tricky as that requires showing vulnerability and I know many say that in a business environment you can’t show any sappy sides like that which would make you seem “weak.” I tend to think it’s all about sounding more “real” nowadays. Everyone has a story before they arrived at their destination, so to speak.

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