The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 13
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The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 13

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This episode kind of bothered me, in a light hearted way, and kind of felt unpolished compared to previous episodes. Early in beginning it was announced that this was the final task and that the candidates, who were in pairs consisting of James and Stefani with Nicole teaming up with Frank, would have to choose two other candidates who were previously fired to help them in this upcoming task. I thought that was kind of strange as in previous season the final task would be a one on one showdown between two people.

James and Stefani decided to choose Angela and Aaron. Frank and Nicole decided to go with Tim and Surya. I personally couldn’t believe they chose Surya of all people considering how much they conflicted with each other before. The task this time around was that the two teams had to write, produce and direct a 60 second mini movie that would be shown to a movie audience. The mini movie would basically be a commercial for an Air Freshener product called Renuzit. Now the interesting thing was that Trump mentioned that at the end of the task himself along with his colleagues and the Renuzit executives would “make a determination on who we like”. That was kind of odd as he usually says something along the lines of “someone will be fired”.

In a humorous way, most of the filming and production aspects that the two teams were conducting irritated me as I have a background in film which made me more critical on what was happening and the end result. Guess it is kind of like a chef going crazy by watching people overcooking their food. James and Stefani’s idea was to have a courtroom scenario where a guy was being accused by his wife that he stunk up the house after a poker game. However, the guy uses the Renuzit product which got rid of the odor and hence he covered his tracks.

Frank and Nicole’s concept was to show people using the product in various circumstances such as an office environment. They also had a portion where this kid was in a hospital bed and complaining about a “bum” that was next to him who really stank up the place. Of course, you then see them using the product to get rid of the smell. Both groups had their fair share of conflicts it seems.

There was this one part where James kept telling this actress to say the word “Interesting” over and over again as he wanted her to do it a specific way. She said that word so many times that I’m sure the word began to lose its meanings to her. When it comes to directing, I was told a quote before that went something along the lines of a good director never tells an actor how to act. Funny thing is, he spent so much time trying to get a perfect shot and in the end it got cut out as he didn’t really have enough good footage of the other parts of the story to make sense of it all.

Frank and Nicole seemed to have played more of an individual game I thought as during the shoot it was all Frank with Nicole taking it easy and during editing it was mostly Nicole. They had their spurt moments as well such as during the editing time where Frank kept giving inputs which broke Nicole’s concentration. This was the end footage result for both:

Kind of hard to say which one I preferred personally. If I had to choose one I’d say overall James and Stefani’s video seemed a bit more smooth and sensible overall. On top of that, at the end they had a product shot with the company’s website printed on it which is usually an effective way to entice someone to learn more about a product incase the commercial didn’t fully convince them of its greatness. In the end though, Trump and the Renuzit executives simply deliberated on the candidates performances. As it turns out, no one was fired. Trump instead told everyone to gather their belongings and head home as he will meet everyone next week in the boardroom in-front of a live audience.

Well, this is definitely different. Wonder if there will be a live task that they will have to do or if it is going to be like an hour long boardroom debate. Maybe multiple people will get hired too. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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