Testing This Knockoff Sonicare Replacement Brush
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Testing This Knockoff Sonicare Replacement Brush

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While using an electric toothbrush is very convenient, one thing I always didn’t like is how the replacement brushes for these things are usually about $40 for three brush heads as you can see here:


Financially speaking, I usually don’t mind spending more money on items that I have to use on a daily basis where I think it will help me to create say a healthier lifestyle. But when you think of it compared to buying a plain brush it does seem kind of crazy. I then saw these knockoff replacement brushes as you can see here. The price? I paid about $2 for it.



Now obviously it is not an official product which means the quality may be inferior. But when you see a price with that much of a difference you can’t help to try huh? Even if i had to replace it every month it would still be significantly cheaper.  I am potentially preparing for the worst though such as the brush just flying off.  Would you try knockoff brands in this scenario for the sake of saving money?

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