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Target Canada Closing All Stores

I was very surprised to read this news today. As it turns out, Target in Canada is closing all 133 of its stores. It hasn’t even been two years yet either.

Target canada closing

This was Target’s explanation of what went wrong:

What were the primary challenges in Canada?

When Target Canada first opened, we knew that many Canadian consumers had already shopped our U.S. stores and had deep admiration for the brand.

But, we missed the mark from the beginning by taking on too much too fast. We have been very honest along the way that we had several operational challenges. Our stores struggled with inventory issues and we were not as sharp on pricing as we should have been, which led to pricing perception issues. As a result, we delivered an experience that didn’t meet our guests’ expectations, or our own. Unfortunately, the negative guest sentiment became too much to overcome.

Inventory did seem to be the biggest issue as that was the number one complaint people have often told me when they visited target stores. I am one of those people who were just neutral when they launched here. As a bargain shopper I must say they did have some crazy sales at times with no identifiable patterns to it. But I guess that is a problem too as I personally never found a need to shop there just for regular items as I have found the variety or prices weren’t that great for the most part.

I wonder how they would have been if they had like a full-fledged grocery department to attract people.

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