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Taking Turns Having Sales

I noticed something funny while doing some grocery shopping today. For three weeks here there were two local supermarkets that seemed to just take turns in saving sales when it came to certain items. For example, in the first week one place would have grapes on sale for ninety seven cents a pound and then next week the next supermarket would have it at that price.

I guess the most logical explanation is everyone was receiving their shipments at the same time and it’s just one place was a bit faster in getting it out onto the shelf. So the thought I got out of this is that many times people buy say a ton of produce because they are on sale an d then next week get so disappointed that the price has been raised so much. But an example like this should show that most likely if the other supermarket didn’t have a sale on them yet that there is a good chance it will appear very soon.

I can see why they would put produces on sale as soon as possible when they get shipments because you get so much that it will be kind of risky where if you don’t sell the products it will spoil and hence no one will buy it. So it is wise to do this to at least reduce the inventory to what you think is a good number that everyday traffic flow can easily sell.

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