Taking Too Much Credit For One’s Success

Taking Too Much Credit For One’s Success

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Imagine you were hired to help a business launch its product where for the most part it is a no name company to most people. After its launch it was high successfully where people now view the company with some authority just like the larger corporations. So with this victory you would naturally use it as a way to add credibility for whatever it is you did for them right? But how much credit should you take?

I was thinking about this as I was talking to a person before who helped to produce a company a marketing campaign where in the end the market responded very positively to the company’s product. The company essentially generated over half a million in sales. Unfortunately afterwards they became so big that they no longer needed the service of the person that helped them to get there. You can imagine he was disappointed over that.

What was fascinating was how he had the mentality that it was basically all because of his work that made them successful. Instead of being upset over it I did wonder why if you was so sure it was truly all about him then why not use that same skill and formula on other projects? To me it was kind of clear that a big factor was that the product itself was very compelling. So while getting it known is definitely important I think at times like that you can’t take all the credit.

It kind of makes you linger on to just that one thing too where if you don’t have that then it’s almost like you have nothing. Keeping doing stuff and making more success I say. Then you can truly take credit for developing a working formula.

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