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Taking or Passing Blame For Your Outsourcing

Today I went to pick up my parcel from the shipment center where as you all know for someone reason the company didn’t even attempt to deliver it. I inquired about this at the front desk while they were processing my shipment. As the lady tried to check out the details she didn’t really have an answer as based on the tracking information the person never tried to deliver it. She then commented how maybe the person was busy but she doesn’t know for sure as the company hired a third party delivery person.

I knew that had to be the case before, but it was kind of interesting how the person kind of just placed the blame on the company they hired. In many ways I would assume the company hired a contractor as it would be cheaper than doing it in-house for whatever reason. Wouldn’t you as the business owner think it’s better to take accountability for the whole thing though?

I know for myself even as the regular consumer regardless of what money saving method the business has tried if it ends up not fulfilling what was expected then it always goes back to the main company itself to say reimburse for the losses. That’s usually why too I see that when a company hire a third party in this way they often still represent themselves as like say an employee for them. I feel it’s kind of important even as the business because if you keep blaming the third party then nothing is going to change as you would just say keep hiring them.

Although, one good it seemed like one of the company’s social media team saw my post and wanted to look into it. So that’s a good sign that they do want to improve though. Always nice to know when companies are listening.

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