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Taking Money From Others As Just A Job Mindset

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Recently I read a funny story on how a person was approached by a well-known scam where someone from a different country would phone a local person while pretending to be some kind of authority figure. They would then tell them that they need to transfer a bunch of money or else they would get in some kind of trouble. It could also work the other way around where they claim you won a prize and just need to wire transfer some money to receive it.

Apparently there are some articles about these kinds of scenarios where people actually confront those who try and scam people this way while asking them questions like how can they sleep at night doing stuff like this? Funny enough a common answer to that is how to them it’s just a job. Basically it’s no different to them than trying to sell someone a credit card over the phone or going door to door to sell a vacuum.

While I understand in some places jobs can be very hard to come by this is one of those things where you have to really think if what you are doing is truly worth it at the end. I can only imagine there are so many other opportunities out there to apply your knowledge and earn a living without having to ruin others. Would you ever be sympathetic to a person doing that kind of job just to put food on the table at the end of the day?

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