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Such A Thing As Too Young To Learn About Finance

Today I saw my nephew, who is a little over a year old, and it was cute to see him attempting to walk by himself. As expected, he tried to cling on to everything around him when needed and he kind of reminded me of a mini Spiderman as he tried to walk along the walls to balance himself. This made me think on how earlier on he wasn’t really given the opportunity to walk around at his own house, but whenever I saw him I would try to help him walk. Yes, that made him very hyper active and excited to see me all the time.

The interesting thing I thought though is that similar to learning to walk, managing your money and finances also takes baby steps to learn and doing it sooner can help. A lot of people I ask though say that they never really had to do any kind of money management until their late teens or older. At the same time, they weren’t really encouraged to do so since traditionally your focus should ideally be on other things without having to worry about money to get by.

It’s kind of interesting to see now that there are actually schools that specifically try to teach young kids about finance or an attempt to add it in as a school curriculum. I personally don’t see how it is something that can be say too stressful to learn at a young age, which a lot of people are afraid of it seems. I mean, it doesn’t mean the way you teach someone young is to say make that four year old pay for his own meal as that would be ludicrous. Like they say, learn to walk then run.

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