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Studies Saying That Buys Money Happiness

So today I was reading various articles about how how a new study came out that tried to say that money does indeed buy happiness as making more money generally makes people more happy and that there was no limit as to how happy a person can get as a result of this. So it’s almost like saying every dollar you make gives you X amount of happiness in life.

I personally find studies like these a little silly. Cause technically isn’t it a more common sense to say that it is more about the environment and what you need to do to survive? For example, if we all lived in some jungle where money was technically non existent and we relied solely on trade skills and resource gathering then this study would change to like gathering bananas or fish makes you happy in life and that there is no limit.

You could argue that more money makes you less happy if you were in an environment where for every extra thousand dollar you make for example it means you will attract a snake oil salesman in your life who will hound you like the paparazzi. To me money is simply a means or resource to acquiring whatever it is you need in our society to build whatever your ideal lifestyle is.

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