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Being Stuck As An Income Cycle Source For A Business

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The other day I actually kept getting these e-mails from a business as I attended a workshop with them awhile back. I guess for whatever reason they decided to go crazy in e-mail blasting people recently and what I noticed was how so many of the messages were along the lines of if you don’t do what they say then you are doing it wrong. I actually stopped reading their information when I found out the person that ran it used a lot of dubious and misleading marketing techniques.

What this made me think of was how whenever you read stuff like that you have to remember it’s just an opinion for the most part. If any of us had the magic wand to just make everything work I think we would all be billionaires or something. Like in this example especially the person obviously wanted to sell something and so of course they have to package it in a way to make it enticing. On top of the fact that I know he doesn’t really do what he preaches it should make you think about just taking the information like a fact of science.

It’s important because when we are looking for answers to help take your projects to the next step it can be so easy to just want to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars in reading material or seminars of sort to try and get answers. Many times though the information can be very generic which may not apply for your specific needs or that people are trying to keep you in that lost cycle so that you will be a continuous income source.

So even when learning you need to be aware if something you are paying for is truly helping you or just the other business.

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