Sticking With One Profession

Sticking With One Profession

Today I happened to drop by this place I used to work at back in my high school days and at first I was joking that maybe I would recognize some people. Surprisingly, there was this one lady that I did recognize and I was just thinking how long she has been with the company since then and still doing the same position. It was a special case too to my knowledge as apparently she was very wealthy and did the job more so she would have something to do.

I was then thinking how in these cases she probably gets almost every possible benefit from the company due to how long she has been there and at the same time it would be too far fetched where her base pay is probably pretty high after all these years for a position that would be considered by most as simply an entry level job. I suppose in this case it shows that sometimes trying to stick with one profession or company can help you earn more money as opposed to job hopping all the time.

It must be a little strange though working at an entry level position for that long. I can’t imagine doing that myself even if it does mean you will earn a lot more.

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