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Staying Professional By The Book or A Showing The Down To Earth Side

This was funny today as I was expecting a shipment where the package did indeed arrive. However, the delivery guy was a little unusual. As I opened the door and waited for him he would just walk by as if he was still looking for the right place. He did this about three times as he walked back and forth. Of course he was joking and such which was kind of funny as it was unusual.

Although, it did make me wonder in these cases as a business on whether or not you would ever risk doing this. For me it wasn’t an issue and actually found it entertainment. However, I can imagine someone who is having a bad day where an act like this would probably make them go over the edge to the point where they would complain about it. Would you ever dare to just “be yourself” as they say in a working environment like that?

That can be tricky as many times being down to earth like that is just what say a customer needs to feel that they aren’t treated as just a number. It’s just so risky too as in many ways it can be a “legitimate” complaint where it’s like the person is being “unprofessional” as they say. For myself, I would probably only do that if I already had some kind of established relationship with the person where we have met before. Better safe than sorry.

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