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Starting Your Business Customer Base With People You Know

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I heard an interesting conversation today where a person was renovating his building to make better use of the space. The person that was helping him happened to be interested in starting a class of some sort where as a result the friend said he could use the space any time he wanted. However, the person then said he would love to but he has no idea how he would even get started and that it would be expensive to advertise for it.

That’s when the owner was then saying how the getting client part is so easy. What he was saying is something I have often heard. Essentially, if you already have a contact list of some sort such as an e-mail list then you should just blast it out to everyone. More likely than not you will have at least one or two people who would be enthusiastic about it. From there, you would build on that foundation.

There was then a bit of discussion on how it’s actually cheaper this way too where in the beginning you can actually offer your services at a very cheap rate. Because you aren’t spending money on advertising you are essentially passing these savings onto your new customers. While gross profit wise you may be making less, net profit wise you would be making the same if you went with the advertising route in many ways.

I feel another key point here too is that I am sure we all hate asking people we know to say buy our products or services. Many times people you have a relationship with will feel bad if they don’t actually say support you and I wouldn’t want that burden to be placed on them. I think even with this example though all you are really doing is putting it out there to as much people you know as possible and allowing others to come to you. Even for myself I wouldn’t mind if people I knew did that. It’s when you start to get sold to like a salesman where you would be inclined to run the other way.

Sometimes we just make things more complicated than it really is too huh? You must have worked hard to build the great relationships you have in your life so don’t be afraid of simply sharing what it is you are currently up to.

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