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Starting With A Foundation That Goes Against You

I was thinking the other day as there is a person I know who originally grew up from a difference province. For whatever reason he decided to move here instead. For some reason when he moved here he has been experiencing a case of asthma where as a result he has to watch what he does while having to take medication of sorts to control it. He even says every time that he goes back to his original province the problem magically just goes away. So I guess you can say it has to do with the environment.

That made me think of things from a business point of view such as if this province is causing him so much health grief wouldn’t it make more sense to just design his life around an area that doesn’t make him ill per se? It’s a choice of course as maybe the positives simply outweigh the negatives in a great way. It did make me think how life would be like for him if he instead decide to invest all the energy he has in an environment without this handicap per se.

Like if this was starting a business would you be more inclined in setting up shop where they may be more people but every day you will have to deal with like pests in the building or would you rather build it in a not as populated area where you need to do a completely different business but the health toll stress would be way less? Cause generally speaking I would imagine if you had the drive and desire in both situations you could make things work very well.

Maybe sometimes we think we need to start a certain way just because that is how a lot of other people obtained success that way as an example.

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