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Stacking Up Different Coupon Codes For The Same Thing

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Recently it was suggested that I try out an online advertising network. To help promote it the company offered a bunch of online coupons that ranged anywhere from $50 to $100 worth of advertising credit.

The coupons appeared to be stackable as well and so you could literally just pile them up. I ended up redeeming three of them so far and got about a $150 credit. Now if I can make good use of that credit to generate sales or exposure for something that would definitely be a good return.

I always try to do something similar for stores too as sometimes you will find that the vendor allows you to stack up as many as possible. Of course, sometimes it is just a machine error. This usually happens in campaigns where companies give everyone in a certain region or demographic the same coupon code and so people just end up sharing and stacking them up.

I guess if you are a business and you didn’t want that to happen then it is important not to forget that fine print of “one coupon per customer”.

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