Spending Your Hard Earned Money To Entertain Others
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Spending Your Hard Earned Money To Entertain Others

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I was kind of surprised today that I read how a person was trying to convince others that if you want to have fun in life then that means you have to spend money. For this example specifically, there was a hockey game and while people were there watching it and having fun one person was saying how people should all wager some bets as that is the only way to have fun.

I just had to think about that comment for second. While I recognize he could have just been saying that as a peer pressure way to get people to spend money, it’s actually not that uncommon for people to say if you don’t spend your money in ways like that then you are not enjoying life. I was even trying to think of this in a silly scenario such as a parent going to their kid’s sporting event where the fun and enjoyment should be about watching them compete and all only to then have two parents say they need to bet each other to make this fun.

In like high school this was things like cigarettes where people said if you don’t do it then you must not be having fun as you only live once. Speaking for myself, it didn’t make sense then and it doesn’t make sense now. I find that around a more mature age group of people this scenario is the same except the most common example is people say you either you spend all your money like how they do as well or else you are classified as having a boring life.

I think the main mentality I have developed to overcome this peer pressure type of mentality when it comes to spending money is that I recognize in many cases people say things like this because they want to live that experience through you, if that makes sense. For example, if you are the only one that has five thousand dollars to spare and you went with another person where you both saw this crazy TV that he/she can’ afford, them pressuring you to buy it would be almost the same as if they bought it themselves. So when you think about it, is you spending money in that case more for your entertainment or someone else’s?

I was even joking how isn’t it the other way around many times where if people want that kind of entertainment then they are usually paying the person to see them do it? Either way, it should be more about doing what is best for you.

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