Spending The Same Initially When You Make More Money
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Spending The Same Initially When You Make More Money

A person was telling me today on how he now has things like a car as the new job he has been doing pays a bit more than what he used to do. Indeed he seemed to have updated a lot o his belongings as well. The interesting thing was when I mentioned that he must be able to save a lot of money now he mentioned not really as it is about the same. When you think about it not much changed too in terms of his needs. But because he made more I suppose he figured it’s time to buy the luxuries of life.

I think in like these situations trying to stick to your original budget for at least a year can probably do so much good. For example, imagine if he didn’t get the car but instead stuck to using the transit for another year. He could have probably saved up a large amount of money as a result. It’s better than having the risk of being in a paycheck by paycheck scenario. Who knows too as this grace period could make you realize how little you actually need when it comes to things like these. You can invest your money in other items to help you earn more too instead.

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