Spending More Than Just The Event Fee
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Spending More Than Just The Event Fee

I will be attending a symphony event next week and finance wise the tickets have been purchased awhile ago. Therefore, it doesn’t really effect my monthly finance. However, I will be attending this with a friend and we agreed recently to meet up before the event and have dinner. In that sense, there is more expense to attending this event than originally thought.

It’s not a big deal of course, but it makes me think on how many times we neglect to factor in other expenses associated with going to events in order to budget your expenses appropriately. Example, thinking you only need to save $10 to go to the movie theatres only to not even think about the cost of travel or snacks. Therefore, we just shrug it off and spend extra money on the day of the event to then wonder where our money went even though you have been managing everything pretty good.

I just know one of the biggest money killers is keeping too much cash in your wallet as I find people are more likely to spend it as a result. In scenarios like this too it is easy to just blow it all in one night. Another way how using a credit card responsibly helps keep me in check. I know I am going to see the total in my statement so it forces me to reflect if the extra expense is perfectly fine. It’s not common that people would keep the receipt or immediately track their spending with some accounting software as an example.

Just be constantly aware that for last minute spending on whether or not spending extra takes away an important opportunity or tool that you could have gotten instead with that money. That should get you thinking.

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