Spending Enough Money To Make A Trip Worthwhile
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Spending Enough Money To Make A Trip Worthwhile

I was planning to do some modest traveling during the weekend where we would simply drive to a city and spend the day there. Nothing too big as we plan to come back the same day. A topic came up about how we should think about spending at least X amount of dollars to make it a “real trip” as you say. As opposed to just going to a place to sight see various free attractions.

These kinds of comments always make me wonder why so many people attach the idea of having a good time must mean that you must spend a certain amount of money to do so. In many ways to me it feels like people often tell you to do that so that they don’t have to feel awkward about their own spending habits. For me anyways things like traveling is simply for the experience. If anything, spending less money and getting a ton of good experience out of it seems more fun in a challenging way to me personally.

It’s kind of like you get to experience new things while at the same time you are working your financial savviness to get the best value for your dollar. People often use trips as a way to just throw your financial sense away. To me anyways, this is a lifestyle habit that should consistent regardless of the event. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever spend a lot per se. But everyday should be a “trip” in a sense of you should always have money left to do the things that you want. That of course requires consistency.

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