Spending CERB On Expensive Luxury Items Daddy Trudeau Tags
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Spending CERB On Expensive Luxury Items Daddy Trudeau Tags

CERB has sure been a controversial plan by the government. What was supposed to be in essence a lifeline of money for people to pay for essential needs as a result of government shutdowns in relations to the Coronavirus pandemic there has definitely been a lot of people scamming the system. I remember reading one story where a mother enrolled all her kids into the CERB who didn’t qualify but got the money anyways due to government orders to make the processes easy as possible.

$2000 a month can either be very little or a lot depending what your situation was. One group of people who are apparently benefiting a lot are young adults that don’t necessarily need to worry about paying rent as an example since they still live with their families. They may have worked part time jobs before such as earning $500 a month. Technically even they qualify for the $2000 CERB if they can’t work due to COVID-19 which is actually better for them.

That’s where this is kind of getting interesting as there are a ton of people using social media platforms such as TikTok to show off the expensive items they are getting because of the CERB payments. For example, designer clothing that is almost $1000. They are tagging posts and thanking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for it where they even label him as daddy.

I can only imagine the outrage this will create for those who believe the CERB should be abolished. The sad thing is too I wouldn’t be surprised if a ton of these people actually have debt where instead of paying that off as a result of them benefiting immensely from this they just end up buying stuff they don’t really need.

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