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Spending A Lot of Money With One Hobby Only

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This was kind of strange as I was reading that there was a person who literally spent almost $5,000 a year in virtual goods in a video game of sort. Essentially, it is to do things such as making the character look different or to get some kind of competitive edge in the game against others. Of course the first question s why in the world someone would even spend that much money in a hobby that doesn’t exactly deliver financial returns where if anything it drains both your time and money.

The first mystery solved was that apparently the person was retired and so in many ways it’s one of those they have been working and saving all their life so why not. He then was saying he doesn’t really spend that much otherwise compared to others overall as when you see his lifestyle he doesn’t do things such as smoke or dine out very often which often can be more for people over the years. I guess that can be true in that case.

But seeing $5000 being used a year for one thing that is a hobby would probably make me feel weird personally as I would keep thinking how I could have spent that on something else. I guess on the flip side at least it’s very easy to see where your money goes if you ever feel the need to cut back on something.

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