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Special Occasions On Top of Special Occasions

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Yesterday was kind of funny here in terms of special occasions and people’s spending habits. First of all, it was February 14th which meant Valentine’s Day. As well, it was Chinese new years. On top of that we have all of the Olympic festivities going on. Funny thing was I think a lot of people actually saved a lot of money because of all these events being crammed into one day.

For example, if you were a couple that celebrated Chinese new years then most likely you would be going out for a dinner of some sort normally. In this case, a lot of people just crammed the Valentine’s day dinner along with this into one. Likewise, some people already purchased tickets to go to an Olympic event and so this acted as the Valentine’s day date as well.

I sometimes see people do this as well for people that have say a birthday that is so close to another occasion like say new years. Basically, they just celebrate both days in one and compact the presents/festivities into one day.

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