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When Something Cheap Is Partly Broken But Still Works

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Today a person was showing how their electric can opener had a part of the spinner just break off. I guess you can say the wear and tear is definitely showing as they have had this item for over a decade. My first response was that they should buy a new one as that sounds kind of dangerous to keep using. However, they were saying that is it still works and so there is no need.

I am usually one to also use an item until it completely breaks down or is simply not practical to use anymore as I find we tend to replace or throw away items prematurely. I feel for myself safety is one of those things where price shouldn’t be the priority in determining if you should replace something or not. I am pretty sure the potential injuries would cost way more financially.

In this case too you can probably get a new electric can opening for extremely cheap if you look for a sale. So the trade-off of the worst case scenario doesn’t seem worth it. Another way to look at it too is would your safety be worth potentially saving just like ten dollars as an example?

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