When Someone Treating You Is Too Much Money
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When Someone Treating You Is Too Much Money

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A person told me the other day that she went to a wholesale store with a friend as they haven’t hung out in a long time and figured they may as well do some catching up while shopping. Since it was a membership based store she had to let the friend initially process everything and the order was over $100. What happened is that the friend ultimately said “Don’t worry, it’s on me” as if this was like treating a friend to coffee.

She obviously tried to get her to take the money for it though but it went on deaf ears. It’s kind of funny though as many times when it comes to treating others you are told to simply accept it as they want to do something nice. Refusing to take it for free would normally come across as rude. This is a bit much though huh? Interesting enough too I was thinking about it, I have learned from general life observations that in many cases if people get gifted in a high monetary way like this and they don’t have any emotions in wanting to pay the other back that’s usually a bad sign. Like those that would leave the other the instant they are poor.

Kind of interesting on how subjective money can be I thought in terms of how one should act in these types of cases.

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