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Some Funny Stuff For The Day

It’s such a nice weekend so far, at least here it is, and yet it seems like so many people that I have talked to are dreading over the market slumps recently. So, I’d thought I’d help to balance everything out by being one of the people who are in more positive mood. Here’s a completely random clip that I was shown which I thought was very cute and funny where there is this baby that couldn’t stop laughing at his dad while he was playing Wii Golf on the Nintendo Wii. Some may have seen it before, but if not enjoy and hopefully this will help to lighten up your day if you are feeling down:

Comments to Some Funny Stuff For The Day

  • It’s useless to agonize over the markets…..The stock
    market is a much better deal now than it was a week
    ago, by 4 or 5 pct., that’s the best way to look at it.
    Will it go up or down this coming week?

    Harm 7/29/2007 2:56 am

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