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Small Opportunities That Are Available Now For You

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I was talking to some friends recently as there was this competition that I thought would be perfect for them. It would require work of course but from what I gather this is the kind of stuff that they are looking for as a way to build their business. The surprising thing to me was how there were a few people who thought they would pass on it as they would rather focus on building something bigger. The thing is there is no guarantee that the big idea they are working on will ever see the light of day whereas with this competition it would even though the scale is smaller.

It just reminds me how sometimes we focus too much in wanting to find like that one big idea that will somehow magically catapult us to the level of success we desire. As a result, we tend to throw away all of the other small opportunities that are around us that much be just as big opportunity wise to help you get ahead of the competition. In many ways, I always see smaller scale events and opportunities as like free marketing for your business.

You would normally have to pay money to get people to see your skills or ideas. In situations like this though you are in a way getting it for free. It’s different if you were doing something that was like revolutionary and top secret. But I find for most people when you are starting out in most types of businesses usually the big challenge is getting your name out there. So if anything, I would say put that big project aside and take advantage of the smaller opportunities that are available too to help build a network of people who can support you.

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