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Skipping a Sale Because of The Crowd

At one of the local supermarkets here today there was another no tax sales event and usually the store gets extremely packed during these times. The funny thing is how a lot of people tend to buy more items such as groceries when in reality these items aren’t normally taxed. So in essence, those people don’t save any money. It does create massive lineups at the checkout though.

Interestingly enough, I just decided to skip the sale all together this time around since for what I was interested in I would have probably saved like $2. Waiting all that time and going through the madness didn’t seem to be worth it for those little savings. In cases like these I think it is wiser to use your time to simply make more money. I think the only exception are on special days like Boxing Day where many times you don’t know what is on sale unless you actually go to the store. Time is money too.

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