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Skinny Basic Cable To Think About

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Next month cable providers are supposed to be forced to offer smaller subtraction packages where people can essentially have more freedom to choose which channels they want to subscribe to. While it’s not uncommon to see $50 cable TV packages here this should make packages started from say $25. For a lot of people that are trying to save money I have personally noticed that many have simply opted to cut the cable completely and subscribe to things such streaming services.

I actually wonder if this can make some bills more expensive where businesses will simply jack up the price of each network that you can subscribe to. In terms of a monthly household bill for many this is something you should keep in mind. A lot of companies are probably going to compete with each other pretty aggressively which means potential savings.

I am actually not sure if this type of mandated change would allow you to change your existing packages where you are under a contract of sort. I would probably play it safe and not sign up for any long-term plans until you see what is introduced as well.

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