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Since When Was Shopping For A Pillow So Complicated?

Over the past two days I have woken up with a rather sore neck. My conclusion is that my pillow is essentially worn out to the point where I need to buy a new one. While at first I thought it would be pretty straight forward, after researching online the price ranges were pretty confusing such as $10 to $200 pillow. That of course encouraged me to research more about why one is better than the other.

I must say, I never knew the world of pillows had so much options in it. Examples, a memory foam or buckwheat pillow? Pillows with a Bamboo cover? This then brought me to information saying how one should replace their pillows every six months. This is like completely new stuff to me personally. It’s almost like the more you read the more money you will be spending in your life. I even had to look at life hacker charts for this.

Of course, this has made me confused as to what I should be buying now as reading all these materials got me into that mindset of paying a little more to have a bigger return on your overall health. Then again, I don’t really know much about the topic other than all the literature I am reading. At times like this, I don’t really have a choice but to do the research. Otherwise I will spend based on price bias and assume the more expensive one is better.

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