Simply Spending All Your Money During Times of Uncertainty
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Simply Spending All Your Money During Times of Uncertainty

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With all the news about wars I was hearing how some people who spent pretty much their entire lives saving money while being very frugal contemplating of the idea of simply spending it all per se due to the uncertainty of the future. For example, buying all the expensive stuff they ever wanted regardless of budget. By the sounds of it, a year or two could probably deplete their funds which was meant more of a steady retirement of sort at an old age.

The rationale is that they don’t know if everything will be gone tomorrow so why not do it? When asked what they would do if they were wrong where life simply goes on, their answer was simply they will find a way to make more money. That’s probably something most people contemplate about. I guess for myself, financially I never felt they need to have to splurge per se as I try to adjust my life to have that balance where I can enjoy life while still working hard for my money.

That results in me not having to do things such as taking early vacation as a way to get rid of that stress so that one doesn’t go crazy. Like there, when it comes to things like vacation pay to me it’s like a huge bonus that I can use to somehow make everyday life better overall. That could be buying new gear or upgrades within your living space. I can’t fathom the idea currently of literally just spending everything as if it is your last day on earth.

Even then I would still have the mindset of potentially giving money and items to others in hopes they will continue to do good things with it when I am not around. So that would be even more reason for me personally to not just start eating restaurant meals jacked up because it has gold on it as an example. If I was to just spend it all it would have to be something very unique such as those insane prices to travel to space as a regular person as an example.

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