Similar Sales Throughout the Season
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Similar Sales Throughout the Season

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Not surprisingly there are a ton of back to school sales going on now. Obviously this means items like writing tools and computers usually go on sale. With this in mind I was talking to be a person who mentioned that many people here often wait for the year end sales as they assume that is when companies will drop its prices the most.

Interestingly enough he was saying that most of the bargains can usually be found all year around. He then showed me an example of a computer package last year that was sold during a back to school sale and then the same one during boxing day. Sure enough, the price was virtually the same.

I guess the main difference is that during those big year end sales there are just more of them at once and so it just seems like you must be getting better deals. It’s probably better to try and find the best deals beforehand too as you will most likely succumb to the crowd frenzy during the busy years and end up buying more than intended.

Granted there are things that are cheaper in various seasons such as food items. But nowadays I would think that most companies are intentionally stocking up on products for year end sales to sell as oppose to genuinely trying to get rid of excess inventory for the year.
With that in mind it only makes sense that throughout the year they have tested the water in terms of which products and at what price people would go crazy for. So if you are a keen shopper you could probably find those deals throughout the year.

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