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Silly Shipment Stipulations

About a year ago I pre-ordered some items where if you bought a couple of products at the same time you would get a rather big discount. Now the thing was each item had a different release date and so not everything would get shipped at once. It just so happens that I wanted to change the shipping address to make the delivery more convenient. However, apparently because one item had shipped a few months ago the company stated that they can`t change it.

Kind of silly if you think about it huh? Imagine if you moved to a new address and the company would still forward it to the old address. Would be worst if all your ID and everything stated a different address too and the shipment happened to go to an outlet. It’s one of those things as a business where I would think it’s easy to do but requires manual labor adjustments which they are not in the mood to do. Not too big of a deal overall for myself, but it makes me think how a business shouldn’t be cheap in investing in solutions to enable people to adjust simple items like this.

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