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Why You Shouldn’t Care About Credit Card Interest Rates

So I got this spam e-mail recently that stated the following:

“The Credit Card you deserve.

If you need your credit card to provide airline miles and *rewards*, you need it to have a low interest/APR and even give you some cash back, just click below and follow on-screen directions to complete your Credit card matching process.


Approval Representative, Credit Card Department”

Aside from the fact that e-mail spam like these are usually scams, the point on how you want a credit card with low interest made me think how that should be a non-factor to owning a credit card period. To put it simply, you should always be paying off your credit card in full. If you can’t afford to buy the item without credit then you shouldn’t be buying it in the first place.

Developing the mindset that a credit card’s main purpose is to enable you to buy things that you literally don’t have any funds available for is risky. For myself, I always viewed it as a tool that is convenience and rewards me with free points and money whereas simply spending cash doesn’t. As a result, I didn’t care what the interest rates were and neither should you I feel. You just need to develop the habit of using it like cash that is literally in your bank account ready to be transferred.

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