Shopping Based Strictly On The Recommendations of Others

Shopping Based Strictly On The Recommendations of Others

Today I was approached by a person who actually asked me awhile ago on some of the gear use such as a camera where she felt since my work and style resonated with her she wanted to buy the same gear with the thought that if it works for me then it will for her as well. One fact though is how my camera came out awhile ago. So for the price you can get better quality items for the same if not cheaper price.

When she went to the store, apparently the salesperson was telling her that they did not carry the item but presented to her more recent products. Because she didn’t know anyone personally that use any of the new items she ended up not buying anything. I then explained to her how the recent cameras are actually better similar to new model smartphones that come out. Afterwards she seemed enthusiastic in potentially getting the newer models now.

While I didn’t initially think she would latch on to my own suggestion so strictly, it definitely reminds me how for many people they will take the advice and opinions from specific sources as the only authoritative source to purchase an item. And you wonder why some companies spend thousands to get specific people to endorse a product huh?

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