Ship Your Enemies Glitter Sold For $85000

Ship Your Enemies Glitter Sold For $85000

I just read this piece of news and couldn’t really believe. There was this site called where for $9.99 they will send an envelope full of glitter to a recipient of your choice. Basically, when a person opens up the envelope they will be covered in glitter. Apparently this site was created as a joke in many ways only a few weeks ago. However, the idea went viral and the owner was getting overwhelmed. As a result, he decided to sell the site and got $85,000 out of it.

Of all the complex and sophisticated ideas people think of to start a business, reading things like this just makes you think how just executing an idea is all it takes many times. Even if on paper it sounds like the most ridiculous idea ever, just doing it can reap crazy results. The first wacky business idea I have heard for the year so far.

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