Setting The Tone With Your Business Greeting

Setting The Tone With Your Business Greeting

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This isn’t actually something that I ever thought too much about until today. Normally when you visit most types of businesses you are greeted by say the staff in some kind of manner. It usually involves a basic greeting or maybe a few words about what is special for the day. Today I had to go to a post office as I missed a shipment that arrived at my place. This post office happened to be inside a convenience store.

So the sign indicated to ring the bell for assistance as if you were in a hotel. I did ring the bell and then this lady comes by. With my shipment slip in hand she just walks by and simply grabs the slip to see what package to find. The thing that ran in my mind was how robotic she was as she didn’t seem like she was too passionate about her work. Without the greeting it kind of set the tone for the whole experience. She didn’t even ask for my ID as I had my wallet out and ready.

She then brought out the package and she had her left hand out. She didn’t even say a word. I just assumed she meant to say “May I please see some ID” and so I just showed her my ID. Sure enough, she looked it over and just gave me my package. Afterwards she walked by to one of the other employee and began to talk in their native tongue.

In this situation it kind of showed me how for your business operation that greeting can set the tone for the customer experience in a big way. At the same time it’s a good reminder to workers on how to consistently conduct themselves in many ways.

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