Self Discovery or Fear of Loss for Motivation

Self Discovery or Fear of Loss for Motivation

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The main theme that I have been hearing from various individuals this week was how some people seem to take things for granted when they receive something financially rewarding or if they are offered a tremendous amount of support to get a business started. It boggled the mind on how you have to nag some people into treasuring or fully utilizing what is being offered to them when they should be self motivated to do things by themselves. As an example, it would be like you needing a job and then someone offered you a $30 an hour position to simply greet people at the door and yet you would constantly take it for granted by frequently showing up late for the job. The question is can you really change people like that in terms of motivating them to change for the best?

There are so many times that I have experienced this myself where I see someone struggling and so I go out of my way to help them. While they seem all motivated to start making a difference, the second I stop monitoring them in hopes that they will now start taking initiative by themselves, they simply fall back to their old habits. From my experience, the main type of circumstances that I have seen which motivates and makes people fully appreciate what they are receiving is when they have personally gone through some type of similar scenario by themselves to fully recognize and appreciate what they are getting. Basically, I don’t think that you can truly change a person but rather you can shed some light into their situation and hopefully through their own life experience they will learn to value things differently. This also makes them understand themselves as a person better which in turn also makes them realize for themselves on what motivates them in life.

Now the other way that was suggested is that you can change people’s attitude quickly by simply using fear tactics. For example, if you had a job that paid you about $200 a day to do something that you loved and your work ethic was not up to standards, simply threatening to fire or cutting your wage will make you change quickly and permanently. I actually know people who frequently do this with much success and so there is obviously some merit to this method as well.

I personally think using fear tactics to motivate people is kind of a quick fix solution as while you will probably get an immediate response, it will also bring people into a defensive mode and will cause them to be extremely resentful towards you. In most cases, I think it is better to simply guide people and let them change for themselves as people are generally motivated by different things such as opportunities to grow as a person or having the ability to have a positive impact in people’s lives. Once they discover what motivates them, then you won’t really have to do anything as they can always reflect back on why they are doing something to motivate themselves.

In some cases though like say in those reality TV shows like The Apprentice or Hell’s Kitchen where people are competing for an opportunity of a lifetime, in those types of situation I would say that having a fear of loss mentality is a constructive way to motivate people into doing things due to the circumstances. Some people even use both ways together with much success as well, so I guess we should be open minded too where you can take what is effective from both ways to help motivate people. In the end though, in my opinion if you ever have to constantly nag someone into doing something when really they should be self motivated to do it for themselves, sometimes it is best to let them be and to offer them help once they are ready.

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