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Seeing Water Cost More Than A Soda

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This is one of those things where when it comes to shopping and money it makes me wonder how this even makes sense. When you see this does it not make you do a double take on how water is more expensive than a soda? I have heard in some countries clean water is more valuable than oil, but this is one of those things where here at least we have the privilege of having an abundance of it. And on top of that it is free.


I can see how this is a dilemma too for many where they want to go with the healthy choice except that route means they will get poorer financially. So in many cases people will opt for the cheaper option. Guess you simply have to be prepared in terms of knowing when and where to shop for the good deals and at the same time having good supply of it. Or like in this case, plan ahead of time instead of paying for what’s available for free.

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