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Seeing People In Business Treat Others Differently

Interesting scenario I saw today where a person was expressing how he actually knew this lady that was being semi rude to him as she probably doesn’t recognize who he was. Essentially, in the past they had to do some business together where at the time she seemed so courteous and nice to him as it was clear he had a title of an important person. In this case though, he just kind of blended in with a different group of people who aren’t considered as authoritative and financially well off in business. Therefore, she was treating people amongst his group including him in a very condescending way.

This then brought a topic up on how that didn’t seem right as you should always treat people the same in a sense. That way, it shows consistency where you aren’t just nice to one group of people because you want something. Wouldn’t you be inclined to not want to do business with the person afterwards if you saw inconsistency like that too? To me this almost feels like a general thing everyone should be doing for life in general as opposed to just business.

Especially if you are working for yourself as like an entrepreneur it’s almost like you are never truly off the clock when it comes to being evaluated by people and your next best customer or partner of some sort could pop up anywhere. The only real way to handle that is to be consistent as to how you treat others I would say. That isn’t so hard is it?

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