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Seeing High Fees As Just Normal

What a crazy story I saw today about a strata dispute over a parking lot. You can read the story here at

From what I gather, the tenants were unhappy with a new assigned parking lot space and so they refused to abide to the new changes. This then resulted in years of legal battles that went well into the six figure mark for the strata as they used a lawyer versus the unhappy tenant who were self-representing.

I do think the conflict itself is a little silly as it sounds like it was something that could have been easily resolved. But what I was really thinking about here was the difference on how one side paid like over $100,000 in fees whereas the other didn’t. So in a sense, you could argue the expense was entirely optional and not necessary. It reminds me of so many other things in our lives such as if the computer appears to have broken down then we have no choice but to bring it to a shop where we have to pay someone say $50/hr to fix.

Or in an even more over the top example, if you spilled something on the carpet then you have to pay a cleaning company like $100 to clean it because that’s just how much it costs. It does make me wonder why at times like these we tend to believe that paying the high fees is the only way to go and that an industry standard rate means we have to accept it. Granted you may not have the skill-set to do things yourselves, but like always shop around I think as you may be surprised at how competitive people can be with rates for example or the alternatives that can work just as well.

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