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Seeing An Elected Official Raise Their Salaries Right Away

So there was an election not too long ago here and apparently one of the first few things that was done by the winning party called the BC Liberals was that for some of its political staff they increased their salary by quite a bit. That was kind of a funny thought as before one of the biggest issue was things like the economy and paying down a debt. Then like with this you have to wonder where they were able to find it in the budget to increase their own pay.

Upon further reading, apparently they were saying the reason they were able to do this is because they were able to find savings elsewhere and so technically the increase in pay did not add to the debt. I was thinking, can you imagine if you used that mentality when it came to paying off your personal debt or expenses? For example, if you saved two dollars because of a sale instead of putting that in the savings or towards your debt you then spend it on a cup of coffee claiming you still spent the same amount you intended to that day.

It’s almost like a never ending cycle of debt where your intent isn’t so much to pay it off but rather to hopefully hang on and get by each day hoping that the problem can stay while still allowing you to do everything else that you want to do. Kind of hard for like the parent to tell the kid to save money when you see them with strange habits themselves huh?

I was even thinking how I guess like in this case the taxpayers are basically their credit card where like many people believe as long as you have credit still available that means you can spend it. I guess regardless of your status and how much you make, as evident habits like that will keep you in debt forever.

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