Scaring Yourself With Facts To Change Your Financial Habit
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Scaring Yourself With Facts To Change Your Financial Habit

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I was thinking of a story I was told before of a person who wanted to quit smoking because not only was it bad for his health but as well it is an extremely costly addiction. He spent thousands of dollars on various items such as patches to hopefully kick the habit but nothing seemed to work. Apparently one day he read a book where its strategy to get people to quit smoking is to simply present facts. For example how the inside of your body looks afterwards. This worked too.

With that in mind it kind of made me wonder if this could ever work for finance. Because many times I think people already know the stories such as how one can end up on the street. But for the most part people don’t generally care where as long as they aren’t on the street yet there is no need to panic and do stuff I guess you could say.

I think for myself the only thing I could say that resembles fear as to why I wouldn’t want to be wreck less with money is how I want to help a lot of people even after I am gone either through my work or some kind of investment. So that thought of wanting to do big things makes me not want to just say live in a party type of moment where you have fun today but are broke tomorrow. Because once you are gone then there will be nothing left.

I suppose for many others that could also relate to things such as wanting to take care of family members. Maybe that fear comes from having others that you wish to help where you want that to be true even after you are gone.

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