Saying Your Opinions Do Not Reflect The Company

Saying Your Opinions Do Not Reflect The Company

I saw an interesting message today where a person who was employed for a fairly large company started to criticize another in a pretty brutal way. Of course, he was saying how the opinions are his own and so he should be able to freely say what he wants. The public opinion of that though didn’t seem to agree with that notion as they simply labelled his comments as the company’s comments with reasons such as if they are willing to employ him then overall the company itself must have a similar mentality.

It seems like a no win in this scenario huh? Basically, you don’t really have much of a choice other than to keep your opinions to yourself if you know that it can in some way create animosity or burnt bridges between two businesses. I’m almost inclined to say the only time you can really say it’s your own opinion and not the company is if it deals with something of a fun nature such as your preference when it comes to the weather.

Nowadays a lot of people not only see employees as some kind of extra body to do work but at the same time as like some kind of ambassador for your business as well I think. With that in mind, you often to be on your best behavior even outside of your work/business time and remember that people will often see you as the company whether you like it or not.

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