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Saying You Don’t Know Instead

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I was at a Best Buy today shopping for some Christmas gifts and as usual I researched the prices ahead of time and went in planning to get a price match for the items. Upon arriving there wasn’t anything on the shelf and so I asked an associate if there was any available. At first he told me to go to the cashier as they probably have it tucked away at the front. I expressed how I was interested in doing a price match and from experience I would have to go through say the customer service desk to process that. He then told me that they did not price match the competitor in question. I then mentioned how I know that they do based on experience.

Afterwards he then mentioned how he is positive they don’t but that I could ask the other employee anyways. Sure enough, after asking they immediately did the usual research to verify that it was legitimate and then proceeded to deduct the difference. I never did understand why an employee in this situation would essentially lie when they are unsure of a certain detail. Even from a consumer point of view I would be more understanding if they simply said they don’t know but could direct me to someone that may know sort of deal.

Heck, even saying “I’m new” or “It’s my first day” would have probably been better than pretending to know an answer I think.

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